About Deluxe International School

Deluxe International school was founded in 2010, by a young mother who could not secure a place for grade 1 for her daughter in any of the private schools of her choice. It is a non-denominational, independent primary school catering for pupils of various races, nationalities and religions. It is a co-education school. The school is currently housed in the residential area of Avondale, about 3 minutes away from Avondale Shops. The school environment is not only clean but safe and secure.

Mission Statement

To provide unmatched and unprecedented excellence in academic and psycho-social standards of child education at an international level.

We endeavor to produce refined social fits and sharp leaders who are nothing short of champions.


We aim to produce pupils with bankable grooming that is in touch with world realities. We desire to produce pupils whose confidence, wisdom and astuteness will make a difference in whatever they endeavor to undertake in life. We seek to provide a notably 'DELUXE' service beyond every parent's wildest imagination by unlocking every child's potential. Purpose We seek to minimize the hustle and stress associated with enrolling a child in a good school by making our application process simple and straight forward. We also seek to cater for the migrant parent who usually finds it hard to enroll a child into a good school regardless of his race, creed or country of origin. We seek to create a school set-up that promotes unity in diversity by encouraging tolerance and co-existence.